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Stock HA1198

2014 E-350 Osage,
Type II, 191 miles,
New Demo Unit

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from OSAGE

Stock CA814

2008 Ford F450
New 6.4L
Diesel engine.
Impeccable and
Ready for service

Stock CA818

2003 Ford E-450
Osage Conversion

More pictures soon

Stock CA816

2013 Chevy G3500
Medtec Remount
3000 miles


   ROW 1

Stock HA1239

2008 F-450
McCoy-Miller Excellent
w/new tires

Stock CB823

2011 Chevy G3500

Stock HA1248

2010 E-350
Type II
Osage Conversion

Stock HA1249

2010 E-350
Type II,
McCoy-Miller Conversion

Stock HA1259

2006 E-450SD
Type III
Road Rescue

   ROW 2

Stock CA800

2012 E450
2100 miles

Stock CA797

2009 E-350
Medix Type III
Sisters ->

Stock CA798

2009 E-350
Medix Type III
<- Sisters

Stock HA1266

2008 E-450
Type III, Lifeline
Only 50k mi

Stock HA1231

2007 Ford E-450
88,486 miles
   ROW 3

Stock CA815

2011 Ford E450
Wheeled Coach - Remount

Stock HA1263

2009 Chevy G4500

Stock HA1250

2006 E-450 4WH Drive
Wheeled Coach

Stock HA1240

2000 E-450,
Type III
Braun Conversion

Stock HA1260

1998 E-350
Type III
Wheeled Coach
10,020 miles
   ROW 4

Stock CA820

2008 Ford E-450

Stock CA819

2004 GMC

Stock CA817

1997 Freightliner FL-60

Stock HA956

2004 E-350
Road Rescue

Stock HA997

2004 E-450
   ROW 5

Stock HA1258

2003 E-350
Type III,  AEV

Stock CA728

1995 F-450
Type I
McCoy Miller

Stock HA1269

2009 F-450 4x4
Osage Conversion
Stock HA1269

2008 Int 4300
Med Duty Osage 57k miles,

More Pics soon
Avail Sept 5th

   ROW 6

Stock HA1258

2003 E-350
Type III,  AEV

Stock CA728

1995 F-450
Type I
McCoy Miller

Stock CA729

98 GMC 3500
Type I,  National

Stock CA786

1986 E-350
Mobile Medical

Stock HA1243

2008 Chevy C4500
Osage Conversion

Mike Smithpeters

Roger Hayes
John Tucker

We are in need of Ambulances and Wheel Chair Vans
We have had a great start to 2014
Our inventory of used ambulances and wheel chair vans is getting low.

We are looking for ambulances and wheel chair vans to buy or trade.
Give us a call toll free at 888-494-8267 or email us at mike@heartlandwheels

When emailing please include some details,
and if possible photos of the vehicle

Make sure you include contact name and number.

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