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   Used Ambulance
   ROW 1

Stock CA917

|2016 Ford E-350
Osage Remount
Type III

Stock CA892

2016 Freightliner
Excellance Conversion

Stock CA918

2012 International

Stock HA1427

2010 Chevy G4500
Horton, Type III

Stock HA1446

2008 Ford E-450
Marque Conversion
64,648 miles
   ROW 2

Stock HA1418

2012 Int TerraStar
Osage Conversion

Stock HA1443

2007 Ford F-350
Type III - Medtek

Stock HA1421

2005 FORD E450

Stock CA923

2005 Chevy C4500
Type III, Horton

Stock CA924

2007 Ford E-450
Road Rescue
Type III
   ROW 3

Stock HA1432

2008 F350 SD 4X4
Type-I  McCoy Miller

Stock CA893

1999 Ford F350
Type I, Wheeled Coach

Stock HA1451

2005 Chevy C4500
Type III, Medtec

Stock HA1452

2010 Chevy G4500
Type III, Medtek

Stock CA888

2007 Chevy C4500
Horton Conversion
   ROW 4

Stock CA913

2001 Ford E-350
Demers Conversion

Stock CA922

|2009 Ford F-450 4wd
Type I   LifeLine

Stock CA919

2010 Dodge Ram 4500, Type 1 Wheeled Coach

Stock CA920

2011 Dodge Ram 4500, Type 1 Wheeled Coach

Stock CA921

2012 Dodge Ram 4500, Type 1 Wheeled Coach
   ROW 5 Specialty Vehicles

Stock HA1442

1999 Ford F-350
Type III - Road Rescue
85,927 miles
Stock CA865

2015 F550 XLT 4x4
 XLT Regular Cab

Stock HA1365

2005 Ford E-350 Cab/Chassis
Pending & Sold Units
Stock HA1429

2008 Chevrolet G3500
Type III, Medtec

To Used Ambulance          To WCV &Transit
   New Ambulance & Remounts The units below are display of typical new units - Call for availability
   Row 1

Stock CA907

2017 E450
Wheeled Coach
V10 Gas Engine
Remounted Box

2017 Osage Warrior

Type II,  Demo
   Row 2 

2017 Miller Coach

Ford Transit

2017 Ford Transit

Osage Type II
Factory Demo

2016 Transit

Custom Conversion
Ready for use

2016 Malley
RAM Promaster

To Used Ambulance          To New Vehicles
   Used Wheel Chair - Transit - Bus
Stock CW864

2012 Ford E-150
35,803 miles

Stock CW870

2012 E150 WCV

Stock HA1327

2003 FORD E-250 WCV
WCV Conversion

Mike Smithpeters

Roger Hayes
John Tucker

We are in need of Ambulances and Wheel Chair Vans
Our inventory of used ambulances and wheel chair vans is getting low.

We are looking for ambulances and wheel chair vans to buy or trade.
Give us a call at 618-735-2333 or email us at

When emailing please include some details,
and if possible photos of the vehicle

Make sure you include contact name and number.

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